Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rac Rocks!

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I use PSP 7, but assume this can be made with any version


Tube of choice
I used the awesome art of Ismael Rac , which you can now purchase at AMI!!
you must have a license to use his work.

FTU scrap kit "Skool Daze" by Samantha , which you can download here

Thank you Sammygrrl !

Mask 151 by Vix, you can find her wonderful masks here

Plug in: Xero, radiance

Font of choice, I used BadAngelSinner


OK, let's get started!

Open a new image 800 x 800, flood fill white.
Copy > paste frame 4 as new layer.
Using the magic wand select inside the first frame
>modify>expand 4 pixels>copy and paste paper of choice
Drag below frame layer.
Keep selected and copy>paste tube of choice
and position to your liking>selection>select none.
Now add a drop shadow 3/3/50/5 to your tube layer and
change blend mode to Luminance, layer opacity to 70
Now apply Xero>radiance: 128/50/128/255

Then apply texture effects>blinds:
opacity: 44
color: white
horizontal: checked

Repeat the above steps to the next two frames,
changing your paper and tube placement.
Also I unchecked the horizontal box on the blinds effect
for the second frame.

For the last (4th) frame, repeat the steps for the paper,
then copy and paste your tube
above the frame layer.(see my tag for placement)
Duplicate your tube layer and drag below the frame layer.
Erase the portions of the tube layers
that extend beyond the bottom of the frame.
Apply a drop shadow to the bottom tube layer,
then move to the top tube layer and
apply Xero radiance, same settings as above.

Now for some fun!
This kit has lots of fun elements!
I added the ticket 3,
re-sized 50% and rotated left 30 degrees,
then the guitar, re-sized 50% and
rotated right 20 degrees ,
skull 1 and lastly swirl 2,
image, mirror layer and drag below all other layers
except bottom white one.
(see my tag for placement of embellishments)
I applied the Xero, radiance to all elements
except the ticket.

Almost finished!!

Copy>paste paper 8 above white layer, apply mask>delete mask>
effects blur>gaussian blur>5.00>
effects>texture effects>blinds:
opacity: 44
color: white
horizontal: checked

Now re-size your tag to 600 X 600.
Add your name,
I applied the blinds effect to my name and an inner bevel:

and your copyright if needed,
delete your white layer and save as a PNG and that's it!!

I hope you had fun with this tut!!